How to learn better by asking questions?

Learning 2019-04-29 1 min

At this stage; below are the questions which I have compiled by learning from web and books that can help me in asking better questions?

  • Why is this idea true?
  • Do I really believe it?
  • Could I convince someone else that it is true?
  • Why didn’t the author use a different argument?
  • Do I have a better argument or method of explaining the idea?
  • Why didn’t the author explain it the way that I understand it?
  • Is my way wrong?
  • Do I really get the idea?
  • Am I missing some subtlety?
  • Did this author miss a subtlety?
  • If I can’t understand the point, perhaps I can understand a similar but simpler idea?
  • Which simpler idea?
  • Is it really necessary to understand this idea?
  • Can I accept this point without understanding the details of why it is true?
  • Will my understanding of the whole story suffer from not understanding why the point is true?