Welcome to Rudrakosh!

General 2016-05-06 1 min

When I told my friends that I bought a domain named Rudrakos for blogging and the first question I got was:

what does the name “Rudrakos” mean?

but before I tell the meaning of it, the first thing I wanted to share the real reason behind picking up this domain name. It is because “Rahul” is such a common name in India that finding a domain name would be like counting star in galaxy.

The site name, Rudrakos (pronounced “roo d-ruh kohs”) is a combination of two Sanskrit words i.e. Rudra (mightiest of mighty) and Kosa (pocket), meaning container of omnipotent.

The name have so heavy meaning… and so I will try with every piece of writing here to be omnipotent. I will be writing about softwares, programming and lifelong learning experiences.

Also if you have some ideas to share, you can publish it here, just mail it to me.