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Welcome to my virtual realm! I am software engineer who create mobile apps and extremely curious about finding what is absolute truth. I am passionate about computers and science behind learning, if you have any crazy and ideas worth sharing do write me up. These days I am pondering over this question:

Why becoming expert in a field takes so long? Is there a way to accelerate it?

Right now, I am pushing my limit as an iOS Developer at Grab codebase. Just before it, I was leading Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree program and made it most revered by students. I am also a member of Python Software Foundation. In past, I’ve worked at The Walt Disney Company and CMU as a Software Engineer and Educational Game Researcher respectively.

To get updated with my newest projects, go straight to my GitHub account. Apart from these, if you would like to stumble upon my older writings which still reside in my medium blog.

The site name, Rudrakos (pronounced “roo d-ruh kohs”) is a combination of two sanskrit words i.e. Rudra (mightiest of mighty) and Kosa (pocket), meaning container of omnipotent.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for or want to meet for a coffee? Feel free to contact me.

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If you’d like to donate towards my efforts in open source, you can use the following wallet addresses, and any contributions (no matter how small) will be deeply appreciated.

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