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Welcome to my virtual realm! Most of my life is about software development but there is much more. I am exploring different things and most of the time I try to deep dive into it them much as possible. I use this blog to share those ideas, knowledge and wisdom; I assimilated during this journey.

I don’t have much to showcase here but in past I have had several open source projects ranging with wide variaties of applications(finance, search engine, games, pshycologoy) but these days I am working full time in iOS ecosystem.

I am extremely passionate about computers and how we learn. These days I am diving myself into the history of computation and what it holds for future and currently, I am pondering over this question.

Does Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem proves that Singularity is not possible?

To get updated with my newest projects, go straight to my GitHub account or checkout the projects section. If you have something interesting to share and want to meet for a coffee; Feel free to contact me.

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